Car Rental Terms

Included in the rental price:

  • Free pick-up and delivery at Corfu airport, Aktio airport, port of Corfu, port of Preveza and within a radius of seven kilometers from our company headquarters.
  • Unlimited kilometers on the island of Corfu and in the prefecture of Preveza.
  • Pick-up and delivery at the accommodation, at the airport and at the port, any day and at any time.
  • No guarantee money needed for the rental of the vehicle.
  • Free cancellation BEFORE 20 days.
  • Communication line and 24-hour road service.

Regarding insurance:

Included in the rental price is CDW insurance with a 800E exemption for categories A,B,C without an additional charge in the rental price and 1200E for SUV,D categories without an additional charge in the rental price of the vehicle. With this insurance in case of damage the renter's liability is limited to these amounts. If the cost of the damage exceeds the above amounts, then the remaining amount is taken over by our company.

2. CDW Coverage Description:

  • Legal protection
  • Material damage to third parties per accident
  • Material damage from an uninsured vehicle
  • Bodily injuries per victim
  • Care at the scene of the accident
  • Vehicle roadside assistance

This insurance does not cover damage to glass components (windshields and mirrors), wheels, tires, the underside of the vehicle, its interior and loss of personal belongings.

3. Full F.D.W insurance ( charge 13E per day ), F.D.W coverage description:

  • Material damage from an uninsured vehicle
  • Material damage to third parties per accident 1,100,000E
  • Bodily damages per victim 1,100,000E
  • Care at the scene of the accident
  • Legal protection
  • Civil liability to third parties
  • Crystal breaking
  • Personal driver accident
  • Total and partial theft
  • Fire
  • Terrorist acts of fire
  • Roadside assistance
  • Total destruction of vehicle

This insurance does not cover theft of personal items.

Cost of accident file:

The renter is charged 50E in case of an accident due to his fault. This amount is non-refundable.

What is not covered by any insurance:

  • Damage due to violation of traffic laws (STOP violation, traffic light violation, speeding, etc.).
  • Damages from improper driving or negligence.
  • Damage caused because the driver was driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  • Damage caused by an unauthorized driver.
  • Damage inside the car.
  • Lost or damaged or stolen keys.
  • Loss or damage to vehicle child seats, jack, safety triangle, spare wheel, gas cap.
  • Damage to engine by negligence.
  • Engine damage from wrong fuel.
  • Damage caused because the vehicle was used off-road or on unsuitable roads.
  • Damage caused after the agreed return time.
  • Damages caused intentionally or recklessly by the tenant, e.g. burning the clutch, burning the tires, seats, standing on the hood or roof or trunk lid of the vehicle.
  • Breach of locks – damaged locks – keys.
  • Fines resulting from a violation of the Code of Civil Procedure.
  • Damage caused to the lower part of the car.

Driver's licenses:

All original valid driving licenses from EU countries. all others require an international driver's license.

Age Requirements:

  • Minimum age for renter is 21.
  • The maximum age limit for the car is 75.

If you are outside the age limit please contact us before booking.


All prices are subject to 24% tax.


Gasoline or diesel fuel consumed during the agreed rental period is paid for by the renter.

At the end of the rental period, the renter must return the car with the same amount of fuel or more.

If the fuel is less the renter is charged accordingly.

Cleaning Fee:

If you return the car very dirty inside from food, drink residues, dirty seats, etc., then you will be charged the amount of 40E for biological cleaning.

Payment methods:

There are 3 payment methods

You can pay by credit card or PayPal when booking, or you can pay by cash or credit card on arrival. We accept all credit and debit or prepaid cards from major companies (Mastecard, VISA, electron VISA, MAESTRO and VIVA WALLET).

Areas / Places we deliver:

We deliver your rental car anywhere in Corfu.

Depending on the area we charge an amount according to the mileage.

Around our Head Office and within a radius of 7 km, delivery and collection are free.

Delivery and collection from Corfu airport as well as at the port of Corfu is free.


All bookings are based on vehicle groups and not on a specific car model. We try to assign to each reservation the selected car model, but in case of unavailability of the selected model, our company reserves the right to offer the customer a similar model.

The similar model will be a vehicle belonging to the same group – category as the selected model. Also, our company reserves the right to offer the customer a model of a larger category - group without any additional charge.

Rental extension:

If the renter wishes to keep the rental vehicle longer than the period already agreed upon, he should contact the company to approve the rental extension.

Reservation cancellation:

For 20 or more days before the customer's arrival, the full amount of the deposit is refunded (any transaction costs are paid by the customer).

For less than 20 days, the customer pays 20% of the total days to be cancelled.

Register permission to move the rental vehicle:

It is forbidden to drive the rental vehicle outside the borders of Greece and to load it on a ship without registering permission from the company.

Car cleaning:

Cleaning of rental vehicles is done with approved cleaners - disinfectants, meticulously both inside the vehicle and outside. We pay a lot of attention to places like the steering wheel, dashboard, hand grips, infotainment controls, center consoles, door handles and cup holders.